The Six Medicines of BodhiChristo

I’ve discovered,” says my friend, Heiwa no Bushi, “that if Jesus and the Buddha had existed at the same time, they would have probably gotten along very well.”

This awareness lies at the heart of Bushi’s teachings and mission: a melding of the best insights from two great teachers of the past. He calls it The BodhiChristo Path. It is why I asked him to help me on an earlier project, a story about two men – one Christian, the other Buddhist – who have a “chance” encounter on an urban bus. You can read Four Truths on a Crosstown Bus here.

Bushi and I have now collaborated on a second project, The Six Medicines of BodhiChristo. It has been a pleasure and a growing experience to walk with my bold brother through this project. We offer you this new booklet with the hope that it leads to more freedom on your chosen path. Also, look for our new collaboration – Jesus and Buddha at the Crossroads – due out in 2023.

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