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I have been writing for newspapers and magazines for over 40 years, long before the digital age. I have also written and/or edited 16 books, some in hard copy, others in digital formats only. These include fiction, self-help volumes, history and art books. With the exception of Neighborhood Church (purchase here), the rest can be downloaded for free by clicking on these links. As I say on my homepage for this site, my beliefs have certainly evolved over the decades, but I share all of these without shame. I hope you enjoy!

The Six Medicines of BodhiChristo: This booklet, co-written by me and my friend, Heiwa no Bushi, outlines some simple daily “medicines” that can benefit all of us.
The Smile on a Dog: Retrieving a Faith That Matters:
 Are you still going through the motions, practicing a faith that no longer addresses your deepest longings and questions? Have you extricated yourself from a particular religion or philosophy, but now feel unmoored, wondering what that word “faith” even means to you anymore? Are you suspect of spirituality in any guise, firm in your conviction that the mysteries of the universe are impersonally beyond our knowledge? If any of these questions stirs you, or if you are simply a fellow adventurer who wants to join a liberating dance, then this book is for you. This is your faith! Not that of others. Yours! Read how the author and 20 other people pushed through cultural conventions and religious prescriptions to find a Source that has transformed their lives!
The Pattern: Twelve Steps for Everyone: No matter your race, income level, political stance, sexual persuasion, or generational outlook; no matter if you believe in a spiritual pathway or not – if your thoughts are still causing you to miss life’s fullest freedom, this book is definitely for you. Why? Because you don’t have to suffer any longer. Because many of the truths found here, if placed into daily action, can set the course for a new life.
Invitation to The Overview: It’s a transformation experienced by those who have orbited our planet. It’s something we ALL need for our world to survive and thrive. It’s The Overview, and you can learn about it in this book.
52 – Weekly Readings for Your Journey: A weekly devotional drawn from the newspaper columns of Krin Van Tatenhove.
People Across the Sea: One family’s struggles to survive the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, a dramatic testimony to the human spirit!
Have an Authentic Christmas: Learn the alternative history of Christmas and live it more authentically in your life!
A Century of Service: The fascinating history of two organizations on the Westside of San Antonio and how they have transformed their neighborhood.
A Medal for Two: Krin Van Tatenhove’s heartfelt testimony of raising his special needs son, Kristoffer.
Mission Diary: A devotional and journal for individuals/groups engaged in mission and service trips.
The Gravedigger’s Blessing: The year is 165 AD. A new religion called Christianity is stirring the heart of Rome. The Christians are peaceful, ministering to people from all walks of life—young and old, rich and poor, free and slave. Yet there is one thing about them that infuriates Roman officials. They will not bow down to the Emperor or any of the Roman gods. Marcus Aurelius decrees that all Christians must be arrested and given a choice: bow down to the Emperor or die a horrible death. One of the Christians is Titus, thirteen years old, who works as a painter of Christian tombs in the catacombs. He has already lost his parents in the persecution. Now he fears the Roman guards are searching for him and the rest of his family. What will he do if that moment comes? Will he have the courage to stand strong in his faith?
Street Saints: Moving testimonies from individuals who experienced homelessness and resurrected their lives.
Two Missions You Can’t Live Without: Two practices for both individuals and churches that are essential to growth and vitality.
Consider the Lilies – Five Ways to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Kingdom of God: Practical disciplines for every person who wants to overcome worry and anxiety in their lives.

Short Stories
Four Truths on a Crosstown Bus: Two men meet on an inner city bus. Is it a coincidence or a divine appointment?
The Beauty Seer: She could see beauty in every circumstance, even the darkest, but she never expected this test.

Jesus Among the Navajos (pages 24-27)
Whose Closet is it Anyway?
Small Can Be Mighty
Paper for Water
Advent Devotions