Box of Darkness

From the introduction to “Box of Darkness…” Here is a link for the entire book.

Photo for Crowdfunding campaign

“The title of this book comes from ‘The Uses of Sorrow’ by Mary Oliver, beloved American poet who died on January 17, 2019. She wrote it following the death of Molly Malone Cook, her partner for 40 years. With her usual straightforward imagery, Oliver reminds us that the darker aspects of life can offer surprising inspiration.

We invited the following artists to share some of their work, prompted by simple questions: ‘How do you receive inspiration from the darker fringes? How are you drawn artistically to the shadows?’

“The result? A box of darkness, presented through paintings. photographs, collages, and poems. Our images and words are eclectic—a multiplicity of perspectives—but together we invite you to become more familiar with your shadow side, finetuning your eyes to its presence.”

Krin Van Tatenhove and Angelica Gudino, Editors/Curators
March, 2019

One thought on “Box of Darkness

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing collection of work. I do not fear the darkness. I was enLIGHTened whilst reading the entire collection. I loved this! I really think Psalm 23:4 is right here, right now. This present day we walk through the valley. I give thanks for you sharing your gifts.

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