DREAM - VISIONContemplate the miracle of sight. Our retinas receive images that course through the optic nerve to the brain. There the data explodes in 3-D color no manmade device will ever duplicate. And it happens instantaneously!

Vision is just as miraculous in our spiritual lives. Too often we applaud blind faith, groping forward in darkness with no assurance. But this is not God’s way. Our Creator gives us a vision, a picture of our destiny, a goal to motivate us onward.

Take a walk down the hallway of Hebrews, chapter 11. It’s a gallery of Biblical heroes – among them Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. These giants of faith had one thing in common: God gave them a vision of their future.

What are you hoping for? Greater financial security or healing in a relationship? Fruitful retirement or better health? Maybe it’s a chance to transform your art into a career. Perhaps it’s a birthday celebration of sobriety, or the joy of witnessing your grandchildren reach milestones.

If your goal holds the seeds of blessing others, God will make it tangible in your mind’s eye. You will see it in details rich with promise and hope. And God asks only one thing in return: Keep going! Every day – beginning now – take concrete steps toward your dream. This is true even when you face challenges, or suffer through seasons of heartache.

Author Joseph Marshall says, “The weakest step towards the top of the hill, toward sunrise, toward hope, is stronger than the fiercest storm.” This truth has amazing power.

My friend Joe had his life shattered as a drunk driver hurtled through a stoplight and broadsided his vehicle. Paramedics released him with Jaws of Life and rushed him to the hospital. The prognosis was dim: a double cerebral hematoma with significant brain damage. Doctors predicted he would never walk or talk again.

I believe Joe heard that prophecy as he lay in a coma. His response? No way! In his ailing mind, God constructed an alternate vision. It included not only walking and talking, but finishing his degree in early childhood education.

Words can’t convey the painstaking effort Joe made in rehab – countless hours of physical, speech, and emotional therapy. One day I witnessed his first faltering steps between parallel bars. He lifted his head and with a slurred voice said, “Krin! How are you?” Then he slowly gave me a thumbs-up.

Fast forward two years, the day Joe graduated with his Master’s Degree. As I congratulated him, he slowly said, “Krin, meet me at the university track for a run today.”

A run? Sure enough. Under bright sunlight we met at the fifty yard line and began four laps. Joe’s gait was lopsided, but his pace was amazing, fueled by fierce resolve burning in his eyes. When we finished I told him how much I admired him. I’ll never forget his response.

“Don’t be amazed, Krin. God helped me picture this moment years ago. Just remind people of Hebrews 11:1 – Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. Be blessed, my friend.”

Then he gave me his trademark thumbs-up.

(reprinted from 52: Weekly Readings for Your Journey)

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