HOPE FOR A NEW WORLD, by Melinda Sposto Harrelson

While the world seems to be in a state of destruction, I honestly couldn’t be more elated about our future.

Creative minds are coming up with inspiring new technologies and a fresh perspective on unity, consumerism, and poverty. Like-minded individuals are bonding to create communities that inspire and support each other. The possibilities are endless! So many amazing ideas are on the table, like self-sustaining gardens in every city, organisms and bugs designed to eat and break down plastics, and batteries made with simple items like copper, zinc, and saltwater. Just these few ideas alone could have a hugely positive impact on our future.

As mysteries of the universe and ancient history unravel before our eyes, we are more clearly recognizing our problematic systems with each dawning day. I can see and feel a togetherness happening all over the world, and my heart couldn’t be more elated.

Advancements in technology, along with all the brilliant minds yet to be discovered, will usher in a much-needed change. A promising New World is on the horizon, and I believe the best is yet to come!

Melinda Sposto Harrelson loves diving into the depths of quantum physics, ancient history, philosophy, and religion. She is currently writing a book that explores her theories of how these realms interconnect. Most of her life has been dedicated to the research of human nature and religion. Her hobbies include martial arts, poetry, amateur photography, and music.

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