My Head Got Stuck in the Clouds, by Desi Mo

“Get your head out of the clouds!” In other words, stop daydreaming, get real, be a productive cog in the daily busyness of life! Really? Perhaps we need to spend more time with our minds in the troposphere. Perhaps we should lift our eyes more frequently and let those shifting billows draw us into the present.

Ever since I met my friend, Desi Mo, through Facebook, she has taught me this lesson. We felt so much like kindred spirits that we crafted a joint blog a couple years ago called That Woman I Met on Facebook (link here). Recently, while enjoying her pictures and posts, I asked her to share a few words and images (scroll through the slideshow!) I encourage you to like Desi on Facebook and let her grace your daily feed with more beauty.

My Head Got Stuck in the Clouds, by Desi Mo

My head got stuck in the clouds
And I felt like I was floating

Oh, to be lost
Yet fully alive

It tastes like 
Savoring marshmallow
While my nose tickles
From the feathers
Of passing birds

I recall what
My siblings said
That I was always on cloud 9
Now I understand what they meant

Yet, it’s only now that I can feel
Truly feel
The softness of life
And it clouds my mind

Sometimes it even makes me
Feel dizzy
But I swear…

I just love it
In la-la land!

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