What Stitches Me into the Fabric of the World? – by Suzy Cleveland Yowell

How do I stitch myself into the fabric of the world? The answer comes quickly. I head to the banks of the Trinity River. I’ve been lacing up my shoes and running on the river trails for almost forty years. It’s my thing. It’s my place.suzy

My love for this Fort Worth treasure began as a young girl on the middle school track team. Though I liked being there at a young age, it was only because a coach told me to be. A lot has changed since then. I never imagined in my youth that the river’s presence would transcend every season of my life. I never imagined that I would learn life’s greatest lessons or embark on a spiritual journey on its banks!

There are more than forty miles of trails that stretch through our city and run parallel to the Holy Trinity. I’ve had the privilege of exploring all of them at one time or another. Each mile offers a unique gift – a dose of inspiration, a profound awareness. It’s a beautiful web of pathways, part urban escape, part nature refuge. On any given day, the trails are alive with walkers, runners, cyclists, even horseback riders.  I love the sight of young families enjoying a picnic together, or an elderly couple strolling hand-in-hand. The Trinity is a gift to so many.

Of course, there’s no end to the metaphors that resonate as a user of these trails.

  • There’s such beauty and comfort in simple things. The smell of spring flowers, the sight of young wildlife, the sound of water as it calmly flows over the river bottom.
  • If you want to get better, you have to work through the pain. As a runner, it takes great resolve to push against the unforgiving sting of a windy winter day. Or, to weather the stifling heat of summer. Whoever said, “Joy is in the journey, not the destination” never ran ten miles on an August afternoon in Texas. Trust me, the joy is in the destination!
  • Focus on the path, not the obstacles. And never take yourself too seriously! Skip once in a while!

I figured out long ago that no other place has the same power to balance my soul or demand my presence. I gravitate to it. It’s where I connect with God. It’s where I go to celebrate my triumphs and successes, to mourn my losses and failures, to give thanks for the many blessings in my life. It’s where I go to ask for forgiveness and seek resolution. It’s here that I’ve learned to trust my own strength and better understand and respect my weaknesses. And yes, it’s where I go to be stitched into the fabric of the world. My world. It’s my thing. It’s my place.

Suzy Cleveland Yowell is a nonprofit director, TCU Horned Frog, and a very giddy new grandmother. Lover of life! Enjoys having fun with family and friends, learning new things, exploring the outdoors, cooking and traveling. Thrives on new challenges and is currently training for her first triathlon.


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